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Love and chocolate – the perfect combination, and one that led entrepreneur Tamela Walker to create Torlitas embellished tortilla chips. Inspired by a dream, Walker embarked upon a culinary journey to combine the crunchy saltiness of a tortilla chip with the luscious sweetness of chocolate, resulting in Torlitas, a truly decadent treat.

Walker, a lifelong cook and craft-enthusiast, launched her Torlitas dream in the kitchen of her home in Columbus, Ohio, in 2000. She experimented with several different combinations for the confections and shared her first creations with family, friends and coworkers, who declared that Torlitas were “love at first bite.”

Inspired by her early success, Walker created a business plan and has now begun the start-up phase of Torlitas LLC. She has continued to expand her Torlitas product line by creating even more scrumptious varieties, which she makes available to customers at a variety of craft shows and retail establishments.

Fans rave about Walker’s current line of 12 Torlitas products, including:

● Torlitas Signature Blondies -- Luscious milk & white chocolates with almond toffee pieces

● Torlitas Turtles -- Rich, delicious “buckets” filled with dreamy caramel and topped with milk chocolate and toasted pecan

● Torlitas Mint 4 Me -- Adorned with an opulent drizzle of dark and minty green chocolate

● Torlitas Orange’O’Licious -- Delightful blend of cheerful creamy citrus orange flavored chocolates

Walker was thrilled that the popular ABC daytime talk show “The Chew” featured Torlitas during a Jan. 20, 2013 broadcast. She holds a Master of Business Administration from Ashland University, enjoys her involvement in Columbus’ Linden community, including the innovative beautification program known as Beautify the Block, as well as the City of Columbus recycling initiative, RecyColumbus.

With Love,

Tamela Walker, Owner